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The last few weeks I have been noticing that a lot of my clients and social media friends have been posting about feeling discouraged, sad, depressed, or stressed out. Keep in mind that about 90% (if not more) of my clients and friends are creative souls, which in itself can be a stressful character trait. So, it got me thinking about all of the times that I, too, have suffered from those feelings. Whether in regard to my work, my clients, my family, or just because. It happens to us all, emotions are just a part of the human condition. But feeling those emotions in business can feel scary, as the general idea of a entrepreneur is solidly strong and knowledgable. Your clients count on you for a rock hard foundation, so how do you have these feelings and still succeed?

I think that what we all have to remember, whether we are the client or the service provider, is that we are all people and we all deserve the right to be authentic. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not saying that you should put it all out there, every little piece of dirty laundry should not be handing from your clothesline, just waving in the wind for all of your clients and potential clients to see. But it is fair to expect to have the right to feel what you feel. And in my personal opinion, authentic is the new black (or pink if you live in my world).


“be authentic in your life & business”

The beautiful thing about the amazing online communities that have been built around creatives is that they provide support for the ups and downs of life and of business. Have a questions, there’s a group for that. Need to vent? There’s a group for that, too. I love my groups, they have given me the most beautiful experience possible in terms of business ownership, and I seriously encourage every single entrepreneur to build community within their own industry. Other than community building and allowing yourself to be authentic with your feelings, there are a few things you can do to get out of a slump and get on with your life:

  • One of the biggest characteristics that sets apart a super successful business owner and a not as successful business owner is how long they allow themselves to dwell on the negative. I hear two different thoughts on this constantly; I hear the group that feels you should suck it up and get on with it, and I hear the group that feels it’s ok to fall into a well of despair when the going gets tough. I don’t agree with either of these. It is so important to FEEL your feelings, but it is also important to learn something and get on with it. Difficult client, bad day, bad review, or had a negative interaction? Feel that feeling, let yourself feel sad that it happened and feel it deeply. Ask yourself, what am I learning from this experience that will make me stronger? When I have a bad day or a bad situation, I allow myself that night to feel it. I can cry, I can dwell on it, I can go to kickboxing class and beat the shit out of that bag. But the next morning when I wake up, I don’t allow myself to keep thinking about it. It’s a new day, I felt my feeling, now it’s time to learn from it and start working toward a solution. That always helps the negative feelings dissipate.

“positive vibes!”


  • Remember your why. When you started your business, your marriage, school, or whatever it is that is causing you despair, there was a reason. You had a why. Try to remember that reason and feel it again in your heart. Remember how hopeful you were, or how strong you felt. Remember the way you visualized your future self in that new and fresh moment of a new adventure and be that person. Let yourself find that hope again.
  • Take a walk, go to the gym, be active! This is so, so important. When I have a difficult day, sometimes that best thing I can do is to work it out. Not only do you get a huge feeling of accomplishment (when it seems like everything is going wrong, it is so important to complete a task and feel accomplished) but you also feel better physically and mentally from that amazing rush of positive brain chemicals.

“don’t let a rut take you down a path of long term negativity”

  • Write it out. Put it on paper. Let your feelings, your thoughts and ideas just release onto the paper. This is also a plus because when the negative feeling subsides you can look back on your writings and find a way to create your future differently.
  • Set some new, attainable goals. Again, this goes back to the great feeling you get from accomplishment. Give yourself something to work toward and really do the work to make it happen. Making your goals a reality, no matter how big or small they are will fill your heart with positivity and give you the strength you need to push forward.
  • Last, but definitely not least, let yourself have some fun! Enjoy a guilt pleasure and take your mind off of things for a bit. You will come back feeling refreshed and new after a fun night on the couch watching the Bachelor (or Teen Mom) eating Mexican food, and drinking Cabernet out of the biggest wine glass you can find in the cabinet. Ok, maybe that one is just me….

So, there you have it. A few of my favorite ways to burst that creative or emotional bubble and get back to your success path. Don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list in the sidebar to receive more information on courses we will be releasing and helpful blog posts we will be posting! Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Tori