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Here is a little piece of truth from me to you: the only way to be 100% sure what your future will hold is to create it yourself. That is me being honest in a nutshell. My job entails me working one on one with business owners (who are goal getters by default) day in and day out, and over the last four years if there is one thing that I have learned it is that we all create the experiences we have in our lives, good or bad. With that being said, I wanted to talk a bit about setting goals and how to raise the chances that you will excel at completing them.

In a few days we will be releasing the first of our Maven Movement courses, Goal Setting for 2017. Inside the course you will find detailed instructions on how to make your dreams, both business and personal, come true in the coming year as well as a thought provoking workbook and numerous individual worksheets and audio programs. In the meantime, lets talk a bit about how you can get started on creating your new year right now.

As you start to think about what you want for yourself and your business in the future remember that anything is possible, but it is typically a bit easier to start small and build toward the big picture. The number one rule regardless of how big or small your goal may be is to believe in what you are working toward. For example, I may think I would like to be an actress of the caliber of Angelina Jolie within 6 months, but at the end of the day if I do a bit of soul searching I know in my gut that isn’t going to happen. If I don’t TRULY believe that it is possible to achieve the goal, it will be extremely difficult to make it happen.


“Always stay positive when working toward your goals! Allow yourself to feel the good and the bad, but regain your positive vibe and move on to the next step!”

  • The first step that I suggest is brainstorming what you want and if it is something you believe is truly achievable in your life. Take some time and really think it over. The goals can be huge, to the moon and back even, as long as you can visualize it and believe it is possible in your heart of hearts.
  • Once you have taken some time to meditate on what you want, write it down. There is nothing that solidifies what you are going to work on more than writing it down and seeing it in front of your eyes. You can even write it over and over again if that helps you get where you need to be mentally in order to work toward making it happen. Make sure that you include a deadline for the goal, as most of us tend to work harder and better when we know that there is an endpoint where we will measure our progress.
  • Now, lets break it down. Say you defined your goal and gave it a deadline of June 2017. You now know the endgame, but it’s time to start thinking about how to get there. My advice is to break it down into smaller actions that will lead to the completion of the bigger goal. I like to break it down into weeks by asking myself what I can accomplish that week that will make progress toward my goal, but if your short on time, you can always break it down by months. It is totally up to you how you achieve the goal, the point is to actually achieve it. And again, make sure you write it down. The more you can revisit the ideas you have brainstormed and the plan you have set up for yourself the better.
  • Ok, you set forth your plan, you are clear on what needs to be done, so take action. This is where you start doing the work. Make sure that you have deadlines set up every step of the way and that you measure your progress as you go. If you miss an action step, go back to it and try again. Don’t let your measurement of the steps get you down if you don’t accomplish them exactly as you originally set forth, just fight the fight and keep moving.

“Make yourself proud first and foremost!”

If you followed the above steps you should have reached your goal! The one piece of advice I can give is to make sure not to give up. No matter what happens during the process, if you really want that goal, get it. Remember, every single person that has ever lived on the earth created what they have one way or another. Your life is literally your creation and is a sum of experience and goals that you have either achieved or not achieved. Don’t let the things you care for the most go fall by the wayside, go after them. You truly have nothing to lose.

I know that each and every one of you, especially those who not only had the courage to start a business but to take the steps to constantly make it better (something we all do every single day, no matter how long the business has been open) is completely capable of creating a life that you love. And please, don’t forget to pass on your knowledge and positive thoughts to others! You probably remember that as your business grew there were countless people within your community that helped you learn and grow, now it’s your turn to pass on the vibe! That is what I love most about being a part of a beautiful community of business owners, we all have each others backs!

I hope this helps you be everything that you want to be in 2017! If you want more goal setting information and multiple interactive items that will help you visualize and take action, stay tuned for our 2017 Goal Setting course, releasing next week!

xoxo, Tori