Hi There! I am so, so excited to have you here at the brand new Harper Maven Design. Sure, we got an awesome rebrand full of pretty things to look at and wonderful things to read, but we aren’t done! Beginning in December, we will launch our all new Maven Movement Courses, designed to give you all of the information and support that you need to make your business a HUGE success! These are deep dives into every aspect of business ownership from marketing, branding, social media, community building, and much more!  Check out the first round of courses that will be available in our sidebar menu!

We will also be offering an enormous number of FREE resources via our blog, including complimentary how to charts, 1 page worksheets, and fun digital desktops. We want to show you how much we love our clients and followers with these small gestures of our gratitude. Stay tuned to stay up to date on releases.

“We absolutely adore our clients!”

Another really awesome concept that we are bringing to the new Harper Maven Design is community! We are actually a part of a number of great communities and LOVE it, so we decided to bring you one with branding, networking, and sharing to the max! Join the Maven Movement in our sidebar menu and start building your love of community engagement.

Thank you so much for stopping by! We hope that you will continue to follow us and see all of the delightful resources we will be bringing you!