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these are the questions most asked by our potential clients

Q: What should I expect once I receive my initial design concepts?

A: Hiring a graphic designer can be scary! It is difficult to know if you will connect with a designer, or if they will understand your vision the way you imagine it. While some clients find that they immediately love (or will love with minimal revisions) a design that is  provided to them on their first round of concepts, others will need one or two rounds of revisions to bring their designs to perfection. Sometimes, the first round can be a bit of a “getting to know you” round and  may need to be fine tuned. We always try to give you a wide variety of concepts that you can choose from, which helps you and us to better understand what you are envisioning in terms of structure and imagery.

Learn more about our design style and concept development on our Portfolio Page , Pinterest, or Instagramto determine if we are the right fit for you!

Q: What is my official start date, and how long after that date should I expect to receive initial concepts to review?

A. The official start date is the date that we have reserved for you on the calendar to begin your design process. During the small wait time between your booking and start date, you will have the opportunity to create your branding Pinterest board and will fill out the online questionnaire found at the link you are provided during booking. On your start date you will receive an email from me with a brief timeline of your individual project and information on what to expect next. Typically it takes 10-15 days from your start date to receive your first round of concepts, and if revisions are needed, an additional 1-7 business days will be added depending on the complexity. In addition, it is important to note that the typical timeframe that we provide for your individual  project has been provided based on your needs and our desire to take the time to provide you with extremely high quality service and designs.

Q: What if I need my project in a hurry!?

A: If you are on a tight time frame for your project, or have an exact date in mind when you will need your materials developed and delivered, please discuss that with us during your booking process to insure that have the availability for a rush project and to discuss a rush fee. If you do not provide this information prior to beginning the project, we will most likely not be able to accommodate a quicker response time and do not offer refunds for inability to deliver by a certain date.

Q: I have approved all of my custom designs; how long will it take to receive my fully functioning files?

A: It typically takes 3-5 business days to prep and upload your approved files to Dropbox. You will receive an invitation to the Dropbox folder containing your files once they have been uploaded. We are ALWAYS here to help, so if you have any issues with your files, any questions about their use, or just need a bit of advice or assistance get in touch!

Q: Should I be concerned if I don’t know exactly what I want in terms of my new brand design?

A: Absolutely not! That is part of the beauty of hiring a designer! We are happy to guide you through the process and assist you with understanding your vision and bringing it to life.

Q: What kind of website design do you provide?

A: We have created websites for a number of industry professionals including gallery and portfolio websites for Photographers, informational websites for professional service providers such as Event Planners, Real Estate Agents, Makeup Artists, and many more, and blog sites for professional fashion, beauty, and food bloggers. We also provide E-Commerce websites with multiple shop pages that acclimate to your personal needs; however, should you need the site optimized for SSL certification, please let us know in advance so we can discuss options and fees.

Q: Once transferred to me at the end of the project, do I own my files and website copyright independently?

A: Once we have transferred your website to your personal server and transferred your branding files to you, you will own joint copyright of your materials and site, in dual capacity with Harper Maven Design. I retain the right to make any and all changes to the copyright bar at the footer of the website in order to advertise my work and comply with federal copyright registration and laws. You will have the right to make any changes to your site that you see fit, other than to the footer copyright, and I ask that if any large alterations are made to the site infrastructure without my knowledge and consent, that you contact me so that my name can be removed from the footer and I can release federal registration of the site to you or your new designer.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Deposits provided to Harper Maven Design to reserve your Official Start Date on our calendar are non-refundable. Once work has begun on your project, no refunds of remaining amount paid in addition to deposit will be available. Prior to work beginning on the project (official start date), any additional amounts paid over the deposit amount will be refunded.


While we do offer refunds on a per case basis in order to insure 100% satisfaction, once files have been approved and transferred to the client no refunds shall be processed.

Q: Do you place all of your brand designs on social media?

A: Unfortunately, due to the nature of social media, we are not able to place each and every client project on our networks. We do try our best to incorporate as many as possible; however, if you prefer to not have your project featured before you officially launch, please let us know and we will definitely accommodate you. Once you have officially launched your project, we reserve the right to feature any of your designs on our networks. That is how we show off our portfolio to our community!

Q: How many new clients do you take on each month?

A: We value the opportunity to spend a great deal of time on each and every project, so we accept only a limited number of new clients per month. We have reserved ample space for each design project, which is why we are unable to rush a project once it has been scheduled and the process started. Currently our calendar allows for 4 new custom brand design and website clients per month, and 2 custom logo design clients.

Q: What payment options do you accept?

A: We accept payments via any major debit or credit card through Square. Once you have been quoted an official start date and have informed us you would like to move forward, we will send you a booking invoice for the amount due to place your project on our calendar. This varies per project, and will be broken down for you prior to sending the invoice. Once you have settled your invoice balance we will put you on the calendar and send you the information that is need from you to begin the design process. ** Calendar dates are not guaranteed until the booking invoice is settled.

The Small Print
 Any custom logo or brand design is completely unique and will not be resold to other businesses. It will remain a one-of-a-kind production. Turnaround time on a Branding package is about 4-8 weeks from your Official Start Date, however, this will also depend on your feedback response and approval time. Turnaround time on a Brand Design + Website is anywhere from 2-4 months from your official start date depending on the complexity of the designs. Revisions require an additional 5-7 business day turnaround (10-12 business day turnaround on website design revisions).
After the third round of revisions, you will receive a completely custom mood board (similar to the one shown above). I will break down each of the image files for you and provide those as well in high resolution file formats, suitable for both print and web. File types include .png and .jpg, 72dpi and 300dpi as well as all popular vector file types. Additional revision rounds will be billed separately at our hourly rate of $75 per hour as needed.

Once final approval has been provided by the customer on any custom design project or website, and the appropriate files have prepared and shipped, there will be no additional complimentary revisions or exchanges offered. Additional revisions will be billed separately at our hourly rate of $75 per hour as needed.

Deposits provided to Harper Maven Design to reserve your Official Start Date on your calendar are non-refundable. Once work has begun on your project, no refunds of remaining amount paid in addition to deposit will be available. **Please note that there will be a $125 restart fee for any client that has been unresponsive regarding revisions and approvals for  31 days or more. This fee is required to place you back on our calendar, which does tend to book up very quickly. If you feel that you need more than 4 weeks to continue in the branding process at any time during your project, whether you would just like to think about the designs or have an emergency, please let us know so we can reschedule your calendar time and the fee can be avoided.

Payment for the Mini Branding Package and Custom Logo Design are due at the time of project booking and serve as your deposit to reserve your spot on our calendar. Payment for the Full Brand Design package may be broken into two equal payments, one due when booking and the other on the start date you are provided. Payment for the Full Brand Design + Website is due in 3 equal payments, one due when booking, the second due on your official start date, and the third due 30 days from the start of your project. While we are extremely happy to work out the appropriate payment plan for any client, non-payment past 7 days of the original due date agreed upon will constitute a work hold being placed on the project and may push back the launch date originally agreed upon. We will attempt to contact you via email once payment is 4 days late, as a bit of a reminder; however, we reserve the right to withhold further work if no response or new arrangement is made.

Website design clients are responsible for purchasing and maintaining hosting for their new WordPress or Squarespace website. We do offer Maintenance options for sites that have been built by Harper Maven Design (WordPress update installs, plugin updates, website backup, SSL encryption; etc) . Please request a quote on this service should you need it. Occasional updates, additions, or further site work will be billed on a per hour basis. Please keep in mind that if you contact us for a website add on service, we will have to place you back on the calendar, as our days are booked out in advance. There can be a bit of a wait time, so please let us know as soon possible if you require additional services.  **If you opt to maintain your own site and lose data due to failure to backup, we can reinstall your website; however it will be billed at our hourly rate of $75 per hour.

**Digital design items are are allowed 3 rounds of complimentary revisions before a final design is delivered or additional rounds are billed.