JUST BE YOURSELF & EVERYONE WILL LOVE YOU… Yeah, right. If I had a penny for every time I have heard that line I would currently be found on my personal yacht off of the Amalfi Coast sipping champagne cocktails and enjoying the gentle sea breeze. Let’s... read more

Creative Burnout & How to Cure It

The last few weeks I have been noticing that a lot of my clients and social media friends have been posting about feeling discouraged, sad, depressed, or stressed out. Keep in mind that about 90% (if not more) of my clients and friends are creative souls, which in...

Create your life by being a goal getter!

Here is a little piece of truth from me to you: the only way to be 100% sure what your future will hold is to create it yourself. That is me being honest in a nutshell. My job entails me working one on one with business owners (who are goal getters by default) day in...


Hi There! I am so, so excited to have you here at the brand new Harper Maven Design. Sure, we got an awesome rebrand full of pretty things to look at and wonderful things to read, but we aren’t done! Beginning in December, we will launch our all new Maven...

Hi, Friend!

Harper Maven Design was built on the idea that anyone and everyone can and will run a successful business with the right mindset and tools. We hope that you will give us the opportunity to help you get there!

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