there is no more powerful force than that of an idea

Harper Maven Design is a full service brand design company dedicated to making your dreams a reality. Each and every single business is an amazing adventure from start to finish, and the best way to insure your success is to give yourself the permission to begin. Say yes to your future; let us handle the visuals.


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give your business a real identity with gorgeous qualities

01. Discovery

The most important thing you can do for yourself and your business is to narrow down your audience so you know exactly who you are targeting with your marketing. Many  business owners feel that their demographic is everyone, but that is typically not the case!

Using our time tested and proven discovery method, we will work with you to unveil your specific demographic.


Once we have discovered your target demographic, we will do extensive research on your business, and on your dream client. Using the valuable information that we obtain, we will show you how to speak to your market, and sell more of your services.

It is so important to gain insight into your market and to become a part of a community. Working with us will give you that leg up.


Now comes the fun part! We will create the perfect brand elements that appeal to your target market and make you feel great about selling yourself and your business! We strive to give you beautiful designs that will grow with your business for years to come.

Once created, we teach how to continue to improve upon your brand name and build a solid foundation for your company.

Learn why I absolutely love my job…

Business can be hard, but it can also be super fun! I work hard to help my clients create sustainable, gorgeous businesses because I truly care for their success. Learn more about my history as a business owner, and why I think it is so important to do the things that you dream about!

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